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3500D Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Max. V(out)


Max. Pulse Rep. Freq.

Extra Specifications
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Product Description

Our Model 3500D Impulse Generator produces narrow, 65 ps impulses (FWHM). The peak amplitude is 8 V with selectable positive or negative polarity.

Special attenuation in the design provides extremely stable pulses. The timing jitter is only 1.5 ps rms. The output impedance is well matched to 50 Ohm to absorb reflections from mismatched loads. A baseline offset circuit provides adjustable offset to ±5 V. The impulse amplitude may be adjusted with two microwave-quality step attenuators over a 0 to 81 dB range in 1 dB steps.

  • 65 ps Impulse (FWHM)
  • ±8 V Adjustable Amplitude
  • 1 MHz Repetition Rate
  • ±5 V Baseline Offset Adjustment
  • Low Jitter, 1.5 ps RMS