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4015D Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

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Max. Pulse Rep. Freq.

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Pulse Generator

Product Description

4005 OR 4015D OR 4500EOur Model 4015D Pulse Generator is one of the world’s fastest commercially available electrical pulse generators.
The Model 4015D Pulse Generator produces an ultra-fast pulse of -5 V with 12 ps falltime into 50 ohms. The pulse is generated in a small external pulse head that is attached to the main unit via a coaxial cable. This allows the pulse head to be directly connected where it is needed, eliminating the risetime slowing effects of interconnecting coaxial cables.

A -1.9 V, 22 ps impulse can also be generated with the 4015D by attaching the optional Model 5208 Impulse Forming Network to the pulse head output. If two 5208s are connected in cascade, a 1 V, 12.5 GHz monocycle will result. If higher power levels are required, the impulse or monocycle can be amplified by traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTA).

  • 12 ps transition time
  • -5V pulse amplitude
  • Step waveform -1.9V, 22ps impulse (FWHM) with optional Impulse Forming Network
  • Adjustable repetition rate
  • Internally or externally triggered