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4050B Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Max. V(out)


Max. Pulse Rep. Freq.

Extra Specifications
Pulse Generator

Product Description

This generator delivers 45 ps risetime pulses with excellent transient response having minimal overshoot, ringing, and sag. The pulse shape from this standards-quality generator is extremely stable.
Our Model 4050B produces 10 V, 45 ps risetime pulses with 10 ns duration. Slower risetimes can be obtained by externally attaching one of our risetime filters. Impulses can be created by adding an Impulse Forming Network such as the Model 5208.

  • 45 ps Risetime
  • 10V Positive Pulse
  • 10 ns Pulse Duration
  • 1 Hz to 1 MHz Rep Rate
  • Low Jitter, 1.5 ps RMS