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8500 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Max. V(out)


Max. Pulse Rep. Freq.

Extra Specifications
50 MHz Pulse Generator

Product Description

Model 8500 is a modern universal source of test stimulus waveform. Its flexibility ensures continuing usefulness for a variety of tasks today, as well as in the future when demands change. Its versatility, reliability, programmability, and economy make it equally at home in engineering research laboratories, production test stands, automated systems, or in maintenance shops. Although providing wide 70 MHz frequency coverage and large 32 V amplitude span, this generator is very affordable. 

  • Two independently programmed output channels with standard ECL/TTL auxiliary outputs (Channel B optional)
  • Repetition rate to more than 70MHz
  • Extremely high output amplitude level of 32Vp-p, within a ±24Vdc window (open circuit), in less than 5ns
  • High-Accuracy, high-resolution digital settings, over exceptionally wide ranges. Pulse width/delay are set with 1 ns increments to 79,999ns
  • Auto-calibration of output period with the built-in counter. Basic period accuracy is controlled to within 0.1% by an internal counter
  • Pulse output modes include single, double, delayed, and pulse complements
  • Extremely low jitter pulse width and delay specifications
  • Linear transition times and separate controls for leading and trailing edges
  • Complete pulse error detection for error-free operation
  • Complete GPIB programmability