72-1025 - Tenma RLC Impedance Meters

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Technical Specifications

Test Freq. Range High

Resistance Range High

Capacitance Range High
10 mF

10 mF

Extra Specifications
LCR Meter Bench Top Dual Display

Product Description

This highly precise LCR meter provides 20,000 count accuracy, dual display and discrete force and sense BNC probe inputs, for accurate measurement and sorting of components.

  • Dual display 20,000 count and 1,000 count
  • Multiple test frequencies
  • Selectable tolerance modes for sorting
  • Measurement Parameters: L, C, R, D, Θ and Q
  • Auto/manual ranging
  • 0.3% basic accuracy
  • Parallel/series test modes
  • Data logging capability
  • Optically isolated RS-232 interface
  • Short/open calibration