TE1000 - Tomco Technologies RLC Impedance Meters

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Technical Specifications

Test Freq. Range High

Resistance Range High

Capacitance Range High


Extra Specifications
RF impedance analyzer

Product Description

Our product offers similar functionality as the HP/Agilent 4193A with comparable accuracy and many additional features at a fraction of the cost. The TE1000 offers:- complete portability with the option of operating on batteries or plugpack powerful built-in computational capabilities allow the TE1000 to display a wider range of parameters:- not just impedance, but also reflection coefficient, series or parallel R-L-C equivalent circuit, SWR and return loss sophisticated built-in algorithms eliminate contamination of measurements due to stray reactances in the probe vector quantities can be displayed in polar or rectangular coordinates swept frequency measurements and data logging via a simple serial interface (software supplied) sophisticated, user friendly software to log and display data in a range of plots including Smith charts accuracy equal to or better than HP/Agilent 4193A