CFD200 - Elan Digital Systems Scope Meters

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Technical Specifications


Sample Rate

DCV, ACV, Resistance, DCA, ACA, TRMS

Extra Specifications
Dual 5 _ Digital Multi Meter / Scope CF Card

Product Description

The CFD200 is a new concept in test equipment that allows a PDA, Laptop or Tablet PC to be turned into a dual channel Digital Multimeter with sophisticated analysis capabilities. SmartAnalysis software facilitates step-by-step fault investigation with instant display of results and an interactive diagnostic guide. With the CFD200 it is possible to integrate multiple measurement functions into a single hardware/software platform, providing high-level analysis features and a small, lightweight and portable unit. The CFD200 is an extended Compact Flash design offering two channels with full galvanic isolation to host and channel-to-channel. Each offers a scope function up to 40KSPS with full datalogging capability and 650V max. input voltage.

  • Dual channel 5 ½ digit resolution, up to 40,000 Samples/sec/ch
  • DC Volts: 650V, 60V, 6V, 2V(HiZ), 0.01% Accuracy 
  • AC RMS Volts: 440V, 40V, 4V True RMS, 0.25% Accuracy 
  • DC Input Z: >10Mohms (2V mode > 100Mohms) 
  • Ohms: 10K, 100K, 10M, 40M+, Diode, Continuity, 0.25% Accuracy 
  • DC Current: 350mA (Fused 400mA), 0.1% Accuracy 
  • AC Current: 250mA RMS (Fused 400mA), 0.25% Accuracy 
  • UL Safety rated to 300V RMS CATII 
  • Shrouded 4mm terminals 
  • DC Coupling BW: DC to 7KHz typical
  • AC Coupling BW: 2Hz to 7KHz typical
  • Extended CF I card with impact resistant housing