460 - TPI Scope Meters

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Technical Specifications


Sample Rate

DCV, ACV, Resistance, Continuity, ACA, Frequency, TRMS

Extra Specifications
Dual Channel Oscilloscope with True RMS DMM

Product Description

  • 20 MHz Bandwidth
    Capture signals from AC/DC drive motors, sensors, actuators, line and control voltages, UPS and industrial machines
  • Cursor Readout
    Measure the width and amplitude of the signal and display it on the screen instead of trying to figure it out manually
  • Decibels
    Accurately measure sound signals
  • Pre and Post Triggering
    View the waveform before and after the point the scope triggers at to find glitches and other anomalies with the signal
  • Trend Mode
    Graph readings over a predetermined time period to check for surges or dropouts
  • Dual Input
    View two waveforms on the display for comparison and troubleshooting
  • True RMS DMM
    Measure AC/DC volts up to 600V, frequency to 20 MHz, and resistance to 20 Meg ohm. Obtain accurate measurements of non-sinusoidal AC voltage and current waveforms found in controls and circuits with True RMS
  • Real Time Sample Rate
    Capture spikes and dropouts of industrial signals with real time sampling of 25 megasamples per second
  • Bright LCD Backlight
    Adjust brightness levels for clarity in any light condition
  • Optically Isolated RS232 Output
    Transfer data safely without a direct connection to the circuitry of your computer
  • Continuous Autoset
    Feature automatically determines the correct vertical and horizontal settings for optimum waveform viewing. Autoset provides hands free operation while moving between test points