DSA80000B - Keysight / Agilent Serial Data Analyzers

DSA80000B Spec Sheet

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Digital Signal Analyzer

Product Description

With higher data rates  and serial buses, you need specialized tools to design, debug and validate your designs. Your measurements of low-voltage, differential signals can be impacted by oscilloscope noise, trigger jitter, and probe fidelity. Clock signals are typically embedded in your data, and the data may be 8b/10b encoded, so debugging your signal requires a smart oscilloscope. Once your design is complete, you are faced with compliance testing, which means making many complicated tests in a short amount of time. A standard oscilloscope no longer does the job.

The DSA80000B digital signal analyzer (DSA) is an oscilloscope measurement system optimized for these measurement tasks. The system is built around an Infiniium DSO80000B Series oscilloscope and the InfiniiMax probing system. The oscilloscope includes as standard maximum memory, high-speed serial data analysis software, and EZJIT Plus jitter analysis software at an attractive price.

The DSA80000B digital signal analyzer is based on the Infiniium DSO80000B Series oscilloscope with several options standard. To configure your DSA80000B, you must select the DSA80000B Digital Signal Analyzer and one of the DSO80000B Series oscilloscopes, as well as various options for memory, serial data analysis software, and other oscilloscope options.

  • 2 to 13 GHz bandwidth real-time with up to 40 GSa/s sample rate
  • Industry’s lowest noise floor, jitter measurement floor, trigger jitter, and flattest frequency response
  • Industry’s only full bandwidth probe system for all use models – up to 13 GHz bandwidth for differential solder-in, browser and SMA connections
  • Serial data analysis with clock recovery, 8b/10b decode, and symbol search/trigger
  • Jitter analysis with random jitter (RJ) and deterministic jitter (DJ) decomposition
  • Upgrade program allows you to upgrade to a higher bandwidth model, protecting your investment
  • LXI functional class C compliant
  • Serial data analysis with clock recovery
    • Measurement setup wizard for ease-of-use
    • Clock recovery first-order or second-order PLL, external reference clock
    • Real-time eye diagram display
    • Masks for PCI Express, SATA, SAS, Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet and XAUI
    • Eye mask unfolding
    • 8b/10b decoding of serial data
    • Symbol search and trigger
  • Jitter analysis with RJ/DJ decomposition
    • Easy-to-use jitter measurements
    • Measure repetitive or arbitrary data waveforms
    • Constant frequency or PLL clock recovery
    • Real-time measurement trend, histogram, and spectrum displays
    • Separation of RJ, DJ, PJ, DDJ, ISI jitter subcomponents
    • TJ estimation at low BER
    • Graphical displays of DDJ versus bit, histograms and bathtub curve
  • Bandwidth with low noise and flexible probing
    • Industry’s lowest noise floor for both oscilloscopes and probes – < 419 μV rms @ 5 mV/div (13 GHz bandwidth)
    • Industry’s lowest jitter measurement floor – < 0.7 ps rms (13 GHz
    • Industry’s lowest trigger jitter – < 500 fs rms (13 GHz bandwidth)
    • Industry’s flattest frequency response 
    • Industry’s only full-bandwidth probe system for all use models – up to 13 GHz bandwidth for differential solder-in, browser and SMA connections
  • Compliance testing made easy