E4438C-502 - Keysight / Agilent Signal Generators

E4438C-502 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Frequency Range Max.

Freq. Resolution

Output Power
+13 to -136 dBm (with option: +17 to 136 dBm)

+13 to -136 dBm (with option: +17 to 136 dBm)

Extra Specifications
ESG Vector Signal Generator

Product Description

Selecting Option 502 for the E4438C ESG vector signal generator provides a 250 kHz to 2 GHz frequency range. Five frequency range options are available to choose from, extending from 1 GHz up to 6 GHz maximum carrier frequency. This provides ample resolution to configure the ESG to meet your specific test requirements.

The 250 kHz to 2 GHz frequency range, combined with the advanced internal baseband generator, provides an economical alternative to configure the ESG as a high-performance arbitrary waveform generator and real-time I/Q symbol builder. This enables the creation of benchmark test signals at baseband and RF frequencies up to 2 GHz.

When combined with the N5102A Baseband Studio digital signal interface module, mixed-signal testing with digital and analog baseband, digital and analog IF, and RF test stimuli are all easily realized. More information

Option 502 is recommended for test cases that require baseband and RF test signals at or below 2 GHz carrier frequency. Common uses include test stimulus generation for various components used in wireless communications systems transceivers, such as ASICs, DSPs, ADCs, DACs, up/down converters, filters and power amplifiers. In addition, the 2 GHz frequency range enables the generation of receiver test signals at low- and mid-band cellular frequencies, including W-CDMA, cdma2000, and GSM.

Options E4438C:

• UNB High output power with mechanical attenuator

[included with 506]

• UNJ Enhanced phase noise performance

[includes 1E5]

• 1E5 High-stability time base

• 501 1 GHz frequency range

• 502 2 GHz frequency range

• 503 3 GHz frequency range

• 504 4 GHz frequency range

• 506 6 GHz frequency range [requires option UNJ, includes mechanical attenuator]

• 1EM Moves all front panel connectors to rear

• 003 ESG digital output connectivity with N5102A Baseband Studio digital

interface module

• 004 ESG digital input connectivity with N5102A Baseband Studio digital

interface module

• 601 Internal baseband generator with 8 MSa and digital bus capability

[40 MB] of memory

• 602 Internal baseband generator with 64 MSa and digital bus capability

[320 MB] of memory

• 005 6 GB internal hard drive

• UN7 Internal bit-error-rate analyzer

• 300 GSM/EDGE base station loopback BERT