2910 - Keithley Signal Generators

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Technical Specifications

Frequency Range Max.

Freq. Resolution

Output Power
120dBm to +13dBm.

120dBm to +13dBm.

Extra Specifications
Vector Signal Generator

Product Description

The Model 2910 V2.0 RF Vector Signal Generator is a mid-performance test instrument for R&D and production testing of modern RF communications equipment and devices. Its next-generation instrument platform uses state-of-the-art RF and digital signal processing technology to deliver RF test signals with high accuracy, repeatability, and speed yet in a small package and at a price point that makes it the logical choice for many test applications. It has an intuitive Windows-CE® user interface and advanced connectivity to PC-based software and is LXI Class-C compliant.

  • Excellent Performance
    • 400MHz to 2.5GHz frequency range
    • -125dBm to +13dBm output power range
    • +0.05dB relative amplitude accuracy (linearity)
    • +0.05dB amplitude repeatability
  • High Speed
    • <1.3ms typical frequency switching time with list mode
    • <1.6ms amplitude switching time
    • 3ms nominal waveform switching time via SCPI command
    • Instant waveform switching time with ARB Sequence mode
  • Flexible
    • 40MHz bandwidth, 100Msa Arbitrary Waveform Generator option
    • >400MHz modulation bandwidth using external I-Q inputs
    • Flexible analog modulation option: AM, FM, FM, pulse, AWG noise and 2-tone option
    • Flexible digital modulation option: ASK, FSK, PSK, and QAM
    • Standards options: GSM, EDGE, W-CDMA, cdmaOne, cdma2000, and GPS
    • Advanced PC connectivity: GPIB, USB, LAN, and LXI Class-C