SG-5155 - Kenwood Signal Generators

SG-5155 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Frequency Range Max.

Freq. Resolution

Output Power
Maximum Output Power 100 dBuV

Maximum Output Power 100 dBuV

Extra Specifications
Signal Generator

Product Description

The Kenwood TMI SG-5150 is a programmable FM stereo/FM/AM standard signal generator integrating an RF signal generator with continuous coverage in the range from 100 kHz to 150 MHz & a stereo signal generator. This is the ideal choice for production line quality control and the servicing of products? including not only FM/AM radio and FM stereo tuners? but cordless telephones as well. All operations can be remotely controlled by using the optional remote controller or the GP-IB

  • Minimum Frequency 100 kHz
  • Maximum Frequency 150 MHz
  • Frequency Resolution 1 kHz
  • Time base stability 0.00005 /yr
  • Maximum Output Power 100 dBuV
  • Power Resolution 1 dB
  • Output Accuracy 1 dB
  • Output Impedance 50 Ohm
  • Modulation AM,FM
  • Test Pattern Storage 100 Patterns
  • 7-digit LED display
  • Delta Direct display
  • Remote control connector
  • Input imp: 10 kohm
  • Input V: 3 Vp-p
  • Spurious output: -30 dB
  • 100 points Sequence presets
  • Output Accuracy : 1dB