SH-36S - Bird Spectrum Analyzers

SH-36S Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

High end frequency limit

Resolution Bandwidth Max.

Resolution Bandwidth Min.

Amplitude Range

Extra Specifications
100 kHz - 3.6 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

Product Description

Analyzes radio frequency spectrum. Measures intended and interfering signals. Allows setup of parameters such as frequency, amplitude, and markers. Graphically displays signal amplitude versus frequency, and saves traces.

  • Fast, Accurate, and Sensitive: -135 dBm Noise Floor
  • Large High-Resolution Display: Full Color, Indoor/Outdoor Viewable
  • Easy-to-Use: Intuitive Menus, One-Button Setup, and On-Board Help
  • Rugged: Drop Tested per Military and European Standards
  • Long Battery Life: 5.5 Hours per Charge, Field Replaceable Battery. USB Connectivity: USB Drive Stores 90,000 Traces