GAO8821 - GAO Tek Spectrum Analyzers

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Technical Specifications

High end frequency limit

Resolution Bandwidth Max.

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Amplitude Range

Extra Specifications
CATV Instrument: Real-time DVB Spectrum Analyzer GAO8821 series

Product Description

The GAO8821 series of real time DVB Spectrum analyzers includes the GAO8821A, the GAO8821B, and the GAO882lQ, which fully utilize DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technologies. The models are widely use in telecommunication, broadcasting, CATV, and EMC testing as the most optimized equipment for both indoors and outdoors.

GAO8821A - 50Ω input impedance, mainly used in analyzing broad-casting and communication signals.
GAO8821B - 75Ω input impedance, mainly used in analyzing CATVsgnals.
GAO8821Q - Enhanced model of GAO8821B with CATV testing option and QAM demodulation analysis option, and mainly used in analyzing Analogue and Digital CATV signals.

  • Double scan windows and peak hold function
  • TFT LCD: bright display and wide visual angle
  • Quality and accuracy: all parameters measured are at the same level or better than those of similar models by other competitors
  • Portable design