5105A - BK Precision Analog Digital Oscilloscopes

5105A Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications



Sampling Rate

Extra Specifications
150MHz, 200MS/s, Digital Storage Scope, w/RS-232 Interface

Product Description

The model 5105A is a 150 MHz (200MS/s) Analog/Digital Storage Oscilloscope and it can store waveforms in memory. For one shot events, you can see what happened before the trigger. You can store up to two waveforms, each 2kx8 bit long. After acquisition, the data can be manipulated and displayed in many different ways. You can change time base or vertical position. You can select which portion of a waveform you'''d like to look at in more depth. You can compare the measured waveform to a "known good" waveform in memory.

Additionally, Model 5105A incorporate glitch capture to see signals that otherwise would not be seen. You can interpolate or smooth the wave form to fill in the gaps.

  • Auto set
  • Readout cursors
  • Save/Recall
  • Component tester
  • RS232 interface
Selectable acquisition modes
  • REFRESH:Trace is updated left to right. Display may show only part of record
  • ROLL: adds new sample to right side of display. Display always shows what s changing. Useful for slow moving signals.
  • SINGLE to store one shot event for analysis
  • PRETRIG to see what happened before the trigger
  • ENVELOPE to see how signal fluctuates
  • On-CRT readout for ease of use.Works in both analog and digital mode.
  • Set cursors or have scope automatically take measurements
  • Linear, sinusoidal interpolation: Fills in digital dots between two samples. Good for digital expansion.
  • Analog smoothing: Fills gap in an analog manner between two adjacent display dots.