430 - Leader Sweeper Generators

430 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Frequency Range Max.

Max. Output Power

Extra Specifications
Video Sweep Generator w/ MultiBurst

Product Description

Leader 430 supplies sweep and multiburst signals as well as SMPTE and full field color bars and flat field rasters in eight colors including black and white. The field rate sweep features start-stop control to tailor sweep width to the band of interest. Five separate sets of precision dropout markers spot key frequencies and each set can be used alone or in combination with the others. Both sweep and multiburst are continuously variable, independent of sync amplitude,but a separate control sets overall output level. For sweep/multiburst operations where sync is not desired (preamp checks),sync may be switched off. Here the scope is triggered from V or H drive signals or composite sync for WFM monitors.

  • Start-Stop Sweep to 10 MHz
  • 5 Sets of Sweep Markers
  • Sweep and Multiburst
  • Sweep With and Without Composite Sync
  • Multiburst to 7 MHz
  • Y/C Operation
  • Sweep Amplitude Continuously Variable
  • SMPTE and Full Field Color Bars
  • 8 Color Rasters Include Black and White
  • H and V Drive Plus Composite Sync
  • Sweep Frequency Range 100 kHz to 10 MHz
  • Sweep Width Adjustable (start-stop)
  • Sweep Amplitude 100 IRE (714 mV p-p) ± 2 IRE
  • Marker Frequencies, Fixed