T631 - Bicotest TDR

T631 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

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Extra Specifications
High specification TDR cable fault locator

Product Description

The T631 is designed to offer the CATV technician a high end, long distance TDR in a rugged and robust package. With a genuine 2ns shaped pulse and full PC connectivity, the T631 offers an unparalleled level of functionality and performance for the field engineer. It is built on the Bicotest philosophy of producing rugged and robust field proof product.

  • Purpose designed for CATV, CCTV and coaxial cable 15 memories for on-site waveform comparison and storage
  • Suitable for any type of metallic cable, including live AC in conjunction with a T631F blocking filter Genuine 2ns sine-squared pluse and short pulse widths give unrivalled definition
  • Single touch-button automatic fault location or feature measurement
  • All faults clearly identified - from open circuits to wet joints
  • Unique Return Loss Measurement
  • Use of T631F mains blocking filter gives safe, high resolution, fault location on LV mains networks.
  • Full PC compatibility for in-depth fault analysis Measures metres, feet or time
  • Large, clear waveform display of full trace for accurate diagnosis