T810 - Bicotest TDR

T810 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Max. Range

Pulse Width Max.

Pulse Width Min.

Extra Specifications
Universal handheld TDR cable fault locator

Product Description

The T810 is an easy to use handheld entry level TDR. It is optimized to help the field engineer find the most common first line faults. The T810 can be used across a broad spectrum of applications including telecom, CATV and power. The unit provides both short range and long range faultfinding capability.The unit has advanced features such as a patented timing circuit and swept gain for ease of fault identification. It has been designed with ease of use and accuracy to provide the operator with an unparalleled level of performance to mitigate typical service affecting faults.

  • Swept gain algorithm
  • Easy single-handed operation
  • Hand-held instrument for long and short range applications
  • Switchable settings for different types of cable, including live AC when used with the fused blocking filter lead
  • Cable attenuation compensation andnarrow pulse for clear and simple trace display
  • Large, high resolution display
  • Back lit LCD effective down to -20ºC
  • Tactile push buttons 7ns minimum pulse width
  • Proven Bicotest durability
  • Two year warranty