TDR 1100 - Hipotronics TDR

TDR 1100 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

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Extra Specifications
Time Domain Reflectometry Cable Fault Locator

Product Description

The digital TDR 1100 will locate and identify short circuit (bolted) faults, low resistance shunt faults, open circuits, high resistance series faults, wet sections, splices, transformers, cable transitions, and concentric neutral corrosion. To locate high resistance, intermittent and flashover faults, the TDR 1100 is designed to measure in the digital arc reflection, current impulse, voltage decay, and all differential fault locating modes. Digital High Voltage TDR 5 Methods of Fault Location Arc Reflection Impulse Current Voltage Decay Differential Methods Low Voltage Color LCD Screen Internal Floppy Disk Drive Internal Trace Storage PC Software SVGA Output for External Monitor