E2550 - Spirent TDR

E2550 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

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Extra Specifications
Handheld TDR Tester

Product Description

The Spirent E2550 Handheld TDR Tester is a long-range, battery-powered time domain reflectometer that accurately locates faults on twisted, coaxial, and power cables. Common network faults such as shorts, opens, and water ingress faults are all easy to find with this accurate, reliable, and simple unit.

  • Troubleshoot telephony, cable, and power cables with a single tester
  • Improve repair time by enabling field technicians to quickly and accurately locate faults
  • Streamline testing by locating faults before climbing telephone poles, entering manholes, or digging
  • Save time by beginning testing immediately after turning the unit on 
  • Up to 9800-foot TDR with 1% accuracy of range
  • No dead zone, allowing measurement to 0 feet
  • Variable velocity factor from 0.30 to 0.99 in steps in 0.01 for maximum accuracy
  • Variable gain to find faults both near and far away
  • Switchable output impedances at 100, 75, 50, and 25 ohms
  • Results in both meters and feet
  • LCD with backlight to enable easy visibility in indoor and outdoor locations
  • Battery-powered, lightweight, and waterproof solution for all outdoor environments