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Extra Specifications
TDR Cable Fault Finder

Product Description

The Triplett TDR is a hand-held Digital Cable Length Meter / TDR Fault Locator designed to both measure the length of copper communication cables and distance to a fault.
Advanced signal processing techniques enable it to identify opens and short circuits, and directly indicate the fault distance on an alpha-numeric LCD.
An internal library of standard cable types enables accurate measurement on communication cables without the necessity of entering Velocity of Propagation (VOP) information. For non-standard cables, the VOP is adjustable from 0-99%.
The Triplett TDR incorporates an oscillating tone generator, that is detectable with a standard tone probe such as the Triplett Hound or Hound 2 Probe, for use in the tracing and identification of pairs within a cable.
Housed in a tough ABS plastic case and supplied complete with test leads and a protective tool-belt holster, the Triplett TDR is designed and manufactured to international standards for quality, safety, and reliability.

  • Find Cable Length or Distance to Fault from ONE END!
  • Low Cost Digital Cable Length Meter/TDR
  • Built-in Tone Generator for Cable Tracing & Identification
  • Simple Operation with Automatic Distance Display
  • Internal Library of 39 Standard Cable Types
  • Suitable for testing all types of Communication Cables
  • Compact, Ergonomic Design, weighs less than 8 ounces
  • Padded Cordura Holster included
  • Three Year Warranty