DC270 - Acqiris Transient Recorders Digitizers

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Technical Specifications

Max Sample Rate


8 bits

Extra Specifications
Waveform Digitizer

Product Description

The Model DC270 and DC265 Digitizers provide a cost-effective solution for high-speed multi-channel data acquisition applications. The digitizers feature four independent channel inputs. The DC270 offers top of the range performance with each channel delivering 1 GS/s sampling rates, 250 MHz wide bandwidth and 128
kpoints long acquisition memories (optional to 2 Mpoints).
The DP265 offers a lower cost alternative with 500 MS/s sampling rates, 150 MHz bandwidth and 128kpoints memories (optional to 1 Mpoints). Both digitizers are packaged in a single 6U CompactPCI module (measuring just 233 mm by 160 mm) that provides a breakthrough in size, density and power consumption.

  • 1 GS/s Sampling Rate (DC270) simultaneously on all four channels,
    500 MS/s (DC265)
  • 250 MHz Bandwidth (DC270), 150 MHz (DC265)
  • 50 ½ and 1 M½ Input Impedance
  • 128 kpoints Acquisition Memory per Channel (1 or 2 Mpoints Optional)
  • Up to 28 Channels in One Crate
  • Memory Battery Backup Option
  • Full Front-end Amplification with Internal Calibration
  • Mezzanine Front-end with Input Protection
  • Low Dead-Time (<500 ns) Sequential Recording with Time Stamps
  • Built-In High Resolution Trigger Time Interpolator (TTI) for Accurate Timing Measurements
  • 1 GHz Auto-Synchronization-Bus (ASBus) for Trigger and Clock Signal Distribution
  • Modular, 6U CompactPCI