ACQ-12-2G - Acquitek Transient Recorders / Digitizers

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Technical Specifications

Max Sample Rate


12 bits

Extra Specifications
High Speed, High Resolution Transient Recorder

Product Description

The ACQ-12-2G,  High Speed, High Resolution transient recorder is the best solution  for high dynamic acquisition of fast analog signals.
ACQ-12-2G performs the coding of 4 analog channels with a bandwidth of up to 300 MHz, over a 12-bit dynamic range and at a sampling frequency (Fe) reaching up to 2 GHz with 2520 usable points of memory per channel.  
The ACQ-12-2G is a VME 6U card with also a GPIB interface. 
The data acquisition process is realized in three phases:

  • Acquisition: The analog signal is continuously sampled at the sampling frequency Fe in the ACQ-12-2G circular analog memory. The arrival of a trigger signal initiates the stopping phase of the sampling. At the end of this phase, the state of the memory is latched; it then contains the last 2560 points sampled (of which 2520 are valid)
  • Digitization and storage: Upon reception of the order to stop the acquisition, the samples stored under analog form in the ACQ-12-2G are read out rapidly (650 ìs for 4 full channels) and coded into digital data over 12 bits, then stored in the event RAM. The acquisition is then informed of the end of the coding phase by an interruption (it may also scan a flag within an internal register)
  • Reading: The RAM can then be read out by the acquisition system. This operation lasts a few ms for the full readout of a 4 channel recorder. This permits to reach an acquisition frequency of above 50 Hz (GPIB) for the readout of 2500 points per channel. A special readout mode, allowing the user to transfer selectively only a subset of the memory permits increasing the acquisition rate if necessary

The ACQ-12-2G offers the following features:

  • 2GS/s Max sampling frequency per channel
  • A/D conversion: 12 bits
  • 4 Channels
  • Full Scale Range: ± 0.5 V
  • 250 µV noise RMS
  • 2520 samples per channel
  • VME or GPIB interface
  • Four Trigger Mode
  • Integral non linearity:  ± 0.1%