TR122 - Acquitek Transient Recorders Digitizers

TR122 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Max Sample Rate


12 bits

Extra Specifications
Transient Recorder

Product Description

The TR122 Transient Recorder is a high performance two channel transient waveform digitizing instrument in a single slot 3U Compact PCI module, capable of digitizing to 12 bits at rates up to 200 MS/s on each channel independently. Each channel includes an independent analog front end and analog-to-digital converter, providing superior interchannel isolation and full bandwidth availability on all channels. The TR122 and included software provide a turn key transient measurement solution, while included software source code and drivers provide powerful system level integration options.

  • Single slot 3U CPCI Transient Recorder
  • 200 MS/s on two independent 12-bit analog channels
  • 0.5V to 250V bipolar full scale ranges
  • 2MS memory per channel
  • Familiar turnkey software provided
  • Open source software environment for development