ATS330 - AlazarTech Inc. Transient Recorders / Digitizers

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Waveform Digitizer for PCI Bus

Product Description

ATS330 is a dual-channel 50 MS/s waveform digitizer card for PCI bus. Using an ATS330 low-noise, deep-memory digitizer, you can build faster performance automated test systems at low cost.

ATS330 PCI digitizers are also an ideal solution for cost sensitive OEM applications that require a digitizer to be embedded into the customer’s equipment.More than one ATS330 PCI digitizers can be configured as a Master/Slave system to create a truly simultaneous data acquisition system of up to 16 inputs.

  • 2 channels simultaneously sampled at 12-bit resolution
  • 50 MS/s real-time sampling rate
  • 25 MHz full power bandwidth
  • ±40mV to ±20V input range
  • Acquisition memory of 128K samples per channel or 8M samples per channel
  • API Panel software allows quick start-up without any software development process
  • Software Development Kit supports C/C++, VB and LabVIEW