ADC3200 - Delphi Engineering Group Transient Recorders Digitizer

ADC3200 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Max Sample Rate



Extra Specifications
Ultra High Speed Digitizer

Product Description

The Delphi Engineering Group ADC3200 is a PMC, analog to digital converter module designed for digitizing wide bandwidth analog signals at 10 bits, at sampling rates of up to 2 Gsps. Buffering of the digitized data samples is provided onboard. Samples can be transferred to the host board via the PCI bus at a rate of up to 264 Msps (up to 396 Msps when using bit packing).

A Xilinx Virtex II Pro family FPGA provides continuous sampling, buffering, and timing. Delphi also offers an FPGA design kit which allows custom development of the onboard FPGA. FPGA design can also be customized for specific applications such as digital filtering, data preprocessing and DSP functions such as FFT.

For PC-based systems running Microsoft Windows, Delphi offers ADCView, a signal visualization application which displays sampled data graphically. Through ADCView''s graphical user interface, users can configure sampling parameters such as: sampling delay/length, IRQ operation, and triggering options. Sample data exportable to Matlab. The ADC3200 is a PMC based technology that has been rigorously tested to operate on leading PowerPC, PC, and DSP host processor systems. Delphi has a proven track-record of delivering high-performance PMC modules for mission-critical applications.

  • 192 MByte SDRAM Buffer (128 MSample Storage Capacity)
  • Xilinx Virtex II Pro XC2VP20/50 FPGA
  • Programmable Sampling Delay/Length
  • Onboard Sample Buffering
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • VxWorks, Linux, Windows Drivers
  • 32/64-bit up to 66MHz, 3.3V, PCI 2.2 Compliant Interface
  • Onboard DMA Engine
  • Industry Standard PMC Format
  • Conduction/Convection Cooled
  • Available Temperature Versions: Commercial, Industrial
  • Performance:
    • Analog Input: 100 KHz to 3.0 GHz
    • Sampling Rate: 200 Msps to 2 Gsps
    • Signal to Noise Ratio Minimum 44 dB