OS1035 - Bel Merit Analog Oscilloscopes

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Technical Specifications



Extra Specifications
35 MHz Analog Oscilloscope

Product Description

  • Bandwidth (-3dB) DC to 35MHz
  • Modes CH 1, CH2, Dual, Add, Alt, Chop
  • Deflection Factor 5mV/div to 5V/div in 11 calibrated steps
  • Rise Time 17.5nS or less
  • Sweep Magnification 10 times (maximum sweep rate: 10nS/div)
  • 6" rectangular screen with internal graticule: 8x10 div
  • AUTO/NORM Triggered Sweep Operation with AC, TV-H, TV-V and Line Coupling
  • Calibrated 20 Step Time Base with x10 Magnifier
  • Ch2 Polarity Inversion Switch
  • TV Sync Circuit
  • Variable Hold-Off Function
  • Z Axis (Intensity Modulation)
  • X-Y Operation