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5933 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

High end frequency limit


Operation Modes

Extra Specifications
Flat Group Delay Filter

Product Description

Our Model 5933 Flat Group Delay Low-Pass Filter is designed for OEM use in high-speed digital networks and telecommunication systems. This device uses a proprietary, absorptive filter design that has attenuation and time domain characteristics similar to those of the 4th order Bessel-Thomson filter. Traditional Bessel-Thomson designs filter by reflecting stop-band frequency signals and thus can cause increased bit error rates and eye diagram closure due to multiple reflections. By contrast, these filters filter by absorption. They have excellent impedance matches and very good return losses, both within and above the filter pass band. The Flat Group Delay style filter exhibits quasi-Gaussian insertion loss characteristics, with superior time domain performance.

  • OC-192 Data Rate Design
  • Very Low Group Delay Variation
  • Absorptive Low Reflection
  • Quasi-Gaussian Response