INFCAC - NEWPORT Electronics Voltmeters

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Technical Specifications

High end frequency limit

Voltage Range High
750 V

Voltage Range Low
100 mV

Extra Specifications
Microprocessor-Based True RMS Meter

Product Description

INFCAC true RMS meters are the leader in advanced AC monitoring and control. There are two models, an ac Voltmeter and an ac Ammeter. Four full digits plus broad scaling capabilities allow the meter to be used in most industrial and research applications. Easy plug-in rear panel connectors make installation and removal quick and easy. Optional user scalable analog output either 4-20 mA or 0-10 V allows either a control or recorder interface and the optional dual 5 A relays gives you extended control capability. The optional plug-in communication options can be added at any time allowing the instrument to grow with your application. Front panel range changes or via the serial communications option allows flexibility not often found in a meter in this price range. Security is provided by an internal hardware lockout.
The INFCAC meter provides the ability to capture and display both peak and valley levels of your input signals. This is particularly important for such applications as destructive testing and pressure testing.

  • 4-Digit, 14-Segment LED Display, Red or Green
  • High 0.1% of Reading Accuracy 
  • Wide Selection of ac Current and Voltage Ranges 
  • Smart Filtering Detects the Difference Between a Spike or Process Change (Patent Pending) 
  • Front Panel Configuration 
  • Available with Dual 5 Amp Relays and/or Analog Output 
  • Peak and Valley Detection and Memory 
  • Optional RS-232 or RS-485 Communications