FSIQ7 - Rohde & Schwarz Spectrum Analyzers

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Technical Specifications

High end frequency limit

Resolution Bandwidth Max.

Resolution Bandwidth Min.

Amplitude Range

Extra Specifications
Modulation: AM,FM,PH - Output: -60dBm - FSIQ Signal Analyzer for the 3rd Mobile Radio Generation

Product Description

  • Spectrum Analysis with Ultra-wide Dynamic Range for Sophisticated ACPR
  • Measurements NF = 15 dB/TOI = +20 dBm 
  • Figure of merit (NF - TOI) = +5 dBm 
  • Integrated Vector Signal Analyzer for Universal Analysis of Digital and Analog
  • Modulated Signals BPSK to 16QAM, (G)MSK, AM, FM, PM 
  • Vector Signal Analyzer for W-CDMA Symbol Rate up to 6.4 Msymbol/s 
  • High-speed Synthesizer with 5 ms Sweep Time for FULL SPAN (FSIQ3/7)
  • High Display Update Rate up to 25 sweeps/s 
  • Large Colour Display with High Resolution (24 cm/9.5 TFT)
  • Analysis of Frequency, Time, and Modulation Domain in One Box 82 dB
  • ACPR (Adjacent Channel Power Ratio) in 4.096 MHz 
  • Integration Bandwidth for Alternate Channel 
  • True RMS Detector for Precise and Repeatable Measurements of any Signal
  • Type Features in Brief3 models and frequency ranges:
  • FSIQ 3: 20 Hz to 3.5 GHz 
  • FSIQ 7: 20 Hz to 7 GHz 
  • FSIQ 26: 20 Hz to 26 GHz 

Options :
B4 = Low Phase Noise
B5 = FFT Filter
B7 = Vector Signal Analysis
B10 = Tracking Generator
B13 = 1 dB Input Attenuator
B15 = Ethernet Adapter
B17 = 2nd IEC/IEEE Bus Interface
B21 = External Mixer Output
B22 = Increase Level Accuracy, 2 GHz
B70 = DSP and IQ Memory Extension
K10 = GSM Mobile Test Firmware
K11 = GSM BTS Test Fixture
K20 = EDGE Mobile Test Firmware
K21 = EDGE BTS Measurements
K72 = W-CDMA BTS Analyzer
ZZA-95 = Rackmount