S-1341CFG - Elenco Analog Oscilloscopes

S-1341CFG Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications



Extra Specifications
Analog Oscilloscope

Product Description

The Elenco S-1341CFG Analog oscilloscope:

  • 2-Channel
  • Dual Trace
  • Dual Trigger with Frequency Counter and Function Generator
  • 1mV/DIV Sensitivity.
  • Variable Hold Off
  • X-Y Operation
  • TV Sync
  • Frequency Counter Features:
    • 5 Digits 0.36" Red LED Display.
    •  0.1Hz - 50MHz Autorange.
    •  0.001Hz Resolution. 
    •  Auto Gate Time. 
    •  Auto Detect, Auto Reset. 
    •  1mV Sensitivity
  • Function Generator Features:
    • 0.5MHz- MHz Frequency.
    •  Sine, Square, Triangle, 3 Waveforms.  
    • Max. Output: 20Vpp (no load), 10Vpp (50Ω Load)  
    • TTL Synchronous Output