4062UX - Keysight / Agilent Parametric Testers

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HP 4062UX

This Semiconductor Process Control System is the high-end system of the HP4062 Semiconductor Parametric Test System family. The HP 4062UX satisfies all of the requirements of the Integrated Circuit Manufacturers for both process monitoring and process development. Since the HP 4062UX uses the same mea­surement hardware as the HP 4062C, it maintains the same highly accurate and reliable measurement capabilities as the HP 4062C, such as high-speed measurements over a wide measurement range. For example, a typical connect-connect-force-measure sequence (resistance) measurement takes less than 17 ms, and measurements can range from 20 fA to lA and 4 μV to 200V. In addition to the sophisticated hardware of the HP4062C, the HP 4062UX provides powerful software capabilities with the HP BASIC/UX operating environment. HP BASIC/UX combines the most powerful instrument control language. HP BASIC, with all the elements of HP-UX, the Hewlett-Packard implementation of the AT&T System V UNIX* operating system. HP Interactive Mea­surement and Analysis (IMA) Software makes measurements inter­actively by providing a softpanel user interface.
HP4062UX Process Control System Key Features:
High-speed and wide measurement range,
Standard networking,
Interactive Measurement and Analysis Software,
Multiuser and multitasking,
Offline debugger.
* HP 4142B Modular DC Source/ Monitor Mainframe
* HP 41420A Source/Monitor Unit (SMU)
* HP 41421B Source/Monitor Unit (SMU)
* HP 4084B Switching Matrix Controller
* HP 4085B Switching matrix (48pin)
* HP 41424A VS/VM
* HP 4284A LCR
* HP 3600C PC Work station

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