Com-Power CGO-501 1MHz Step, 1GHz Comb Generator


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Technical Specifications

1MHz Step, 1GHz

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Product Description

The CGO- Comb Generator is reference radiated or conducted signal source. The signal contains frequency harmonics at 1,5, 20 MHz intervals. These reference signals are used for validating EMC test sites. A reference signal source must have stable and precise output. Therefore, Comb Generatorís internal circuit is built to meet this requirement. Two antenna supplied with the Comb Generator for low and high frequency signal radiation.The radiated signals are generated by connecting one of the two antennas to the BNC or SMA connector. The circular chassis of Comb Generator helps radiate the signl more uniformly in all directions in the same plane. The conducted reference signals can be obtained by connecting a coax to the BNC or SMA connector. The Comb Generator is powered by a rechargeable internal battery pack to eliminate any possibility of external cables effecting the radiated signal. When the battery voltage reaches below reliable operating levels the RF will shut off automatically to prevent further use. When fully charged, the battery allows continuous use of the Comb Geneator up to 18 hours. The Comb Generator, charger and antennas are shipped in a custom wooden storage box.
The CGC series Comb Generator was specifically designed to test installed Line Impedance Stabilization Networks (LISNs). LISNs are used for EMC conducted emissions testing according to FCC Part 15, CISPR, and EN requirements. The Comb Generator output is connected to the LISN EUT power port and measurements are taken similar to an EUT. For convenience, the CGC series Comb Generators have 3 prong standard US plug for LISNs with matching EUT power socket. By using the Comb Generator the test engineer can quickly identify any problems with the conducted setup before making any measurements with an EUT. the Application Note AN-104 provides more details on the Comb Generator.