LIT-930A - Com-Power Transient Limiters


LIT-930A Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

9 kHz - 30 MHz, Transient Limiter

Extra Specifications
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Product Description

Com-Power LIT-930A

Conducted EMI emissions measurement are conducted using Line Impedance Stablization Network (LISN). The EMC receiver input is connected live and neutral line of the product via the LISN. The LISN blocks the supply voltage from LISN RF portt but allow the RF signal to pass without much attenuation, so that it can be measured with a EMC receiver. Because the RF signal must be passed through, any short transients (a few microseconds or less) on the power supply lines will also be passed through. Trasient limiter LIT-930A protects the EMI receiver input from these short transients A transient with high enough energy witll damage a unprotected receiver input.

The LIT-930A features a broader frequency range than the LIT-153A, in that the low end of the its operation extends down to 9 kHz. The unit also features higher maximum input level ratings, as it can withstand input levels up to 4 watts CW (+36 dBm), +/- 15 Vdc. Its VSWR is less than 1.1:1.

Other than these differences, you connect and use the LIT930A spectrum analyzer transient limiter in the same manner as the LIT-153A.