CDN-M225E - Com-Power CDN Coupling Decoupling Networks

CDN-M225E Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

IEC / EN 61000-4-6 150 kHz to 230 MHz

25 Amps AC / 17 Amps DC (Max)

Extra Specifications
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Product Description

CDN-M225E is a Coupling Decoupling Network with a two conductor power cable. This standard M series CDN have a current rating of 25 Amps. This CDN has the frequency range of 150 kHz - 230 MHz. The disturbance signals are coupled to each conductor in the supply lines according to EN 61000-4-6 standard and is recommenced for all power supplies connections.
Unscreened Power Supply Line
Product Name Coupling Decoupling Network (CDN)
Compliant Test Standards IEC / EN 61000-4-6
Application Two conductor power cable
Frequency Range 150 kHz to 230 MHz
RF Input Voltage 40 V (Max)
RF Input Connector 50 Ω BNC (Female)
Voltage Rating 250 V AC / 350 V DC (Line to Ground)
Current Rating 25 Amps AC / 17 Amps DC (Max)
AE and EUT Connections 4 mm shrouded banana sockets
Common Mode Impedance 150 kHz - 26 MHz: 150Ω 20Ω
26 MHz - 80 MHz: 150Ω + 60Ω / 45Ω
80 MHz - 230 MHz: 150Ω + 60Ω / 60Ω
Voltage Division Factor 9.5 dB +4 / -1
Decoupling of Common
Mode Disturbance
≥ 40dB (EUT/AE)
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 13 inches
15.2 x 15.2 x 33 cm
Weight 5 lbs.
2.3 kg
Accessories Available from
Com-Power for setting test
levels and running the test
ADA-M225E shorting adapters
ADA-515-2 150 Ω to 50 Ω adapters
TEP-050 50 Ω Terminator
ATTN-6-100W Power Attenuator
DCU-300-100W Directional Coupler
ASC series Power Amplifiers