AM-400 - Com-Power Antenna Masts


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Technical Specifications

1-4 meters Height, 15lbs load, Extension cable 10 meters

Extra Specifications
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Product Description

The AM-400 antenna mast is suitable for making EMC radiated emissions measurements in an open area test site or test chambers. It has the following features: 1-4 meter antenna height standard
Motorized Electric height adjust
Low-stretch polyester rope suspension
Safety brake on the carriage to prevent antenna damage if the rope breaks.
Two position remote switch to adjust the height.
Low maintenance
The cross boom allows mounting most types of antennas using appropriate adapters
Made of mostly fiberglass non conductive materials
Four meter boom can be laid flat when not in use
Casters for easy moving
Strong, stable construction with wide fiberglass base
The boom can be layed flat when not in use
Easy assembly