Agilent-HP 41421B SMU Source / Monitor Unit

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Technical Specifications

SMU Output 1,Volts/ Max. Current 100 Volts - 100 mA

Extra Specifications
40µV - 100V 20fA - 100mA 2W power maximum V source (constant or pulse) and I monitor I source (constant or pulse) and V monitor ±100V or ±100 mA

Product Description

The Agilent HP 41421B Source / Monitor Unit (SMU), Plug-In Module is designed for use in the 4142B. 100 uV to 100 V range and current up to 100 mA.
The HP  41421B  is in important part of the 4062UX Parametric Tester.  BRL Test is yourparametric tester headquarters.  We are 4062UX experts for sales and repairs.