J7230A OmniBER Agilent / Keysight

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Agilent J230A

OmniBER OTN Bit Error Rate Tester

Powerful SONET/SDH tester and for testing the ITU-T G.709 optical transport network (OTN.) All line rates from 1.5 Mb/s to 10 Gb/s, 10.71 Gb/s (OTU2) and 2.66 Gb/s (OTU1), with a robust feature set for verification applications. All-channel monitoring technology simultaneously monitors all STS/AU channels (up to 192) in a received SONET or SDH line signal, continuously, fast and efficiently.
ITU-T G.709 OTU2 (10.71 Gb/s) testing Optional
ITU-T G.709 OTU1 (2.66 Gb/s) testing Optional
Global test coverage (SONET and SDH)
Unframed/framed testing at all rates
Fully integrated all-rate testing: 52 Mb/s to 10.71 Gb/s optical and 1.5 to 140 Mb/s electrical
Full range of standard and concatenated mappings
STS-6c, 9c and 24c and AU4- 2c, 3c and 8c Optional
Generation of mixed mappings Optional
Powerful overhead testing
Alarm stress test
Sequence generation and capture
SONET/SDH entire overhead capture
OTN frame capture Optional
Transmit and receive output triggers for error and alarm events
All standard error and alarm measurements, plus optical power, line frequency, service disruption
time and pointer movements
Simultaneous all-channel testing
GPIB, lan and RS-232 remote control
Universal Instrument Drivers
Broad range of graphical results tools
Comprehensive on-line help
2 year calibration cycle

BRL Test - We absolutely know OmiBER's!