A434L - Powertek Spectrum Analyzers

A434L Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

High end frequency limit

Resolution Bandwidth Max.

Resolution Bandwidth Min.

Amplitude Range

Extra Specifications

Product Description

Protek A434L

Protek A434L is a new antenna and cable analyzer designed for use in the field offering the four measurement capabilities such as VSWR, cable Loss, DTF (Distance to Fault) and power meter with convenient short-cut buttons.


Protek A434L has been lighter with longer battery life than the predecessor A434. The lightweight and simple operation make Protek A434L indispensable to technicians who need an efficient measuring instrument outdoors for the installation and maintenance of antenna systems.

  • VSWR, DTF, Cable Loss, Power Meter Functions

  •  Frequency Range : 5MHz ~ 4GHz

  • Number of Data Points : Up to 2001

  • Accuracy : <± 3ppm

  • Single & Dual Mode Display

  • Smart Battery Indicator

  • 7’’ TFT Sun-light Readable Screen

  • USB, LAN Connectivity

Sales and repairs of the A434L at BRL Test - your authorized Protek Distributer.
A434L spec

Standard Accessories:

  • Soft Carriying Case
  • AC-DC Adapter
  • Neck Strap
  • Hand Strap
  • Li-ion Battery

Optional items: