Protek A334M 4GHz VSWR Analyzer

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Technical Specifications

High end freq limit
4 GHz VSWR Analyzer

Instrument Type

Extra Specifications

Product Description

Protek A334M

Protek A334M/A336Mare designed to fulfill the high demandsformultipathantennameasurementsystem.

Theyareoptimized to measure VSWR only, and will lead

to low material cost of your system.


Users car select the option between 4GHz and 6GHz measurement ranges. In the condition that users need to maximize the production efficiency, these VSWR Analyzers will be the best choice.

Frequency Range : 5MHz ~ 4GHz

VSWR Measurement

6 Ports (User selectable)

Impedance : 50 Ω

Maximum Number Of Points : 2001