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6548 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Frequency Range - High
7500-18000 MHz, 400W

Output - Compression


Extra Specifications
New. 1 year warranty manufacturer's warranty.

Product Description

Ophir RF 6548

Ophir RF TWT Amplifiers come standard with: RF Input Isolator, VSWR Reflected Power, Protection, IEEE-488 Communications, Solid State Driver, Gain Equalizer, Forward power Sample Port. The Ophir RF Model 6548, CW TWT Amplifier has been designed to operate at 400 watts from 7500-18000 MHz Internal power supplies are solid state DC-DC converter designs with fast loop response times so that output level variations are minimal. Both cathode and collector power supplies and the heater supply are duty cycle regulated designs. The cathode and collector power supplies have very low ripple, with attendant low phase noise in the TWT Amplifier. Output spurious signals are less than -50 dBc. Plug-in PC boards are accessible through the front panel. The PC card cover contains a legend for PC card located test points and controls. The modular design of the Model 6548 provides convenient accessibility to all elements in the TWT amplifier. High voltage modules are encapsulated, plugin assemblies. There is no exposed high voltage. Most modules are interchangeable between all TWT units regardless of frequency.

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