Protek 1020 Handheld Oscilloscope


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Technical Specifications



Sample Rate
Real Sampling Rate: 250Msa/s , Equivalent-Time Sampling Rate: 50Gsa/s

Extra Specifications
New, manufacturers warranty.

Product Description

Protek 1020

BRL Test is your authorized Protek distributer.

Protek 1020 Handheld Oscilloscope 
  • 200MHz Bandwidth with 2 Channels Rise Time 1.7ns 
  • Real Sampling Rate: 250Msa/s 
  • Equivalent-Time Sampling Rate: 50Gsa/s 
  • 6,600 Count DMM resolution with AC/DC at 600V, 10A 
  • Large 5.7 inch TFT Color LCD Display 
  • USB Host/Device 2.0 full-speed interface connectivity 
  • Multi-Languages Support 
  • Battery Power Operation (Installed) 
BRL Test is your authorized Protek distributer for sales and repairs