ETS-Lindgren EMField Generator

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Technical Specifications

7008-001 1 GHz to 6 GHz - 10V/m @ 3M dist. (80% am)

Extra Specifications
New, MFG calibration and 3 year warranty.

Product Description

ETS-Lindgren EMField Generator

The EMField Generator is a revolutionary breakthrough.  IEC 61000-4-3 testing has never been this simple and affordable.  Say goodbye to buying expensive amps to solve reflected power loss from the load. Generate 3 or 10 V/m at 3 m over 1 to 6 GHz in a simple, power efficiant, low signal loss and compact configuration. The EMField Generator, with it's internal amplifiers and connected antenna array, is extremely efficient.  Only 1 cable goes back to the all in one control room console that has plug and play signal generator, laser probe controller and power supply. Radiated immunity testing (RI) done right for less. 
BRL Test is your Authorized ETS- Lindgren Distributer.  Call 407-682-4228 to get your package quote now. 
The EMField package:

  • 7008-002 – 1-6GHz | 3 V/m EMField™ Generator
  • 7008-100 – EMSupply™ Plug-in Card for the EMField™ (mounted in the EMCenter™)
  • 7000-001 – EMCenter™ Platform (required)
  • 7003-001 – EMGen™ 1-6GHz Signal Generator Plug-in Card (mounted in the EMCenter™) 
The lead-time is ten (10) weeks after acceptance of order.