MS2692A - Anritsu Spectrum Analyzers

MS2692A Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

High end frequency limit
50 Hz to 26.5 GHz

Resolution Bandwidth Max.

Resolution Bandwidth Min.

Amplitude Range

Extra Specifications

Product Description

Anritsu MS2692A

The Anritsu MS2692A features :

  • Fequency Range: 50Hz-26.5GHz
  • Vector Signal Analysis function combines speed with reliable and stable RF performance
  • 125 MHz Analysis Bandwidth
  • High accuracy digitizer function captures RF signal without loss
  • Vector Signal Generator Option up to 6GHz
  • DL-MAP decode provided for mobile WiMAX measurement
  • Software options for WCDMA, WiMAX and LTE applications.
  • High-Speed External Interface: LAN 10/100/1000 base T, USB2.0, IEEE488
  • Measurement software packages including WLAN, LTE, CDMA2K, WCDMA (optional)
  • Added security with optional removable hard drive

MS269XA Series Signal Analyzers are the very latest high performance signal analyzers for next-generation communication applications. The MS269XA Series Signal Analyzers base units include swept spectrum analysis, FFT signal analysis, and a precision digitizer function. Add options to incorporate a Signal Generator, and/or an RNC Simulator, to turn the instrument into a hassle free, plug and play, one box solution.The MS269XA Series Signal Analyzers support a standard measurement analysis bandwidth of 31.25 MHz that can be extended to 125 MHz with the appropriate optional hardware. Using a patented calibration process, the multipoint amplitude calibration and the phase calibration result in a level accuracy of 0.5 dB across a 6 GHz span.