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ERX+ Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

EMC / EMI Desktop Analyzer (w/ Spectrum Analyzer) Hi Res. 0.1 to 7.5 mm, L 31.6 cm x W 21.8 cm

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Extra Specifications
New. 3 year warranty. BRL Test is your authorized EMScan Distributer

Product Description


BRL Test is your authorized EMScan distributer. 407-682-4228 for demo and quote.

The EMScan ERX+ is a disruptive breakthrough technology that saves huge amounts of time and money when compared to traditional anechoic chamber design cycle methodolgy in the areas of:
  • time to market
  • project development costs
  • precompliance 
The ERX+ is the World’s fastest EMC/EMI diagnostic system. Printed circuit board designers can quickly, accurately and repeatably visualize the root causes of potential EMC and EMI problems during pre- and post-EMC compliance testing. ERX+ enables the PCB and design engineers to diagnose EMC/EMI problems between 150 kHz and 8 GHz. ERX+ provides 7 levels of resolution (120 microns – 7.5 mm).
  • 150 kHz - 8 GHz
  • 1,218 H-field probes
  • User-selected spatial resolution: 0.1 mm - 7.5 mm
  • Scan area: L 31.6 cm x W 21.8 cm (L 12.44” x W 8.58”)
  • Plug n play: built-in high speed spectrum analyzer (40 MHz instantenous bandwidth (IBW) & 75 GSPS scan rate
  • Visualize hotspots, current loops or intermittent problems in real-time
  • Zoom into the problem area after locating the unintended radiators in seconds
  • Get repeatable & reliable results that pinpoint the cause of a design failure
  • Address EMC & signal integrity concerns in the design of ultra-high speed (>2 GHz) PCBs
What's included:
  • ERX+ (integrated high resolution scanner with embedded spectrum analyzer, processing electronics and cables)
  • Universal power supply & cable
  • Surface wave absorber
  • Ethernet cable
  • EMxpert PCB design software for analysis and trouble shooting 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I correlate the scan results to PCB design?  

    EMxpert support three types of file formats: Gerber file format RS-274x, HPGL and JPG. On rare occasions, a Gerber file may not be in a pure RS-274x format and cannot be read by EMxpert software. This file can often be read by a third party Gerber reader such as GerbView and converted to an RS-274x format that can be used. GerbView can be obtained at

  2. Does the system require annual calibration?  

    The EMxpert ERX+ | EHX+ require calibration after shipment. Annual calibration is recommended. In the ERX+ both the built-in spectrum analyzer and the step motors are tested; for the EHX+ only the spectrum analyzer is tested. Please refer to the 3-year (part number 3000-1910) and 5-year Calibration Assurance Plans (part number 3000-1911).

  3. What is the frequency and amplitude accuracy of the EMxpert measurements?  

    The frequency accuracy of the internal spectrum analyzer is ± 1.0 x 10–6 per year Aging Accuracy + aging. For example at 1Ghz the error would be about 1kHz per year.

    The amplitude accuracy of the internal spectrum analyzer is ± 2.00 dB from 100 kHz to 3 GHz and ± 2.75 dB from 3 GHz to 8 GHz.

    The accuracy of the probe compensation values is ±3dB from 150kHz to 8GHz.

  4. What are the Minimum System Requirements?  
    • CPU 333 MHz or faster
    • 256 MB recommended for EHX+, and 8 GB recommended for ERX+
    • 8 MB Video or more
    • Windows 7/8/8.1 OS
    • 10/100 Network Card
  5. What is the maximum power level that EMSCAN’s patented scanner can receive without being damaged?  

    The surface of the scanner can handle thousands of volts. The scanner is rated for a radiated load of 10 W or 40 dB. If a transmission line carrying RF power of more that 10 W / 40 dBm is placed close to the scanner probe for extended periods, it is likely to damage the scanner.

  6. How sensitive is EMSCAN’s patented scanner?  

    EHX sensitivity: -130 dBm to 35 dBm based on the best performing spectrum analyzer. Final results are pending for EHX+ and ERX+.


    (* 40 dB LNA; ** 38 dB Power amplifier (Please refer to Technical Bulletin #15 for the test setup))

  7. How can I find the frequency of an intermittent or random signal?  

    Run a continuous Spectral or Spatial Scan with Peak Hold. It will replace the peak amplitude with each successive higher measurement. Start with a large RBW to increase the speed of the spectrum analyzer. Once you have captured the signal, reduce the frequency span and decrease the RBW if you want to improve the accuracy of the measurements.

  8. I am doing Before and After testing. What feature should I use?  

    Use either Spectral Overlay or Spectral Comparison feature.

  9. Can I predict the Open Area Test Site (OATS) or Semi Anechoic Chamber (SAC) radiated EMI levels of a printed circuit board (PCB)?  

    The Far-Field Application supports regulatory compliance limits Class A or Class B FCC, CISPR and Industry Canada, 10 m, 3 m and 1 m test distances. This is an optional feature (Part #: 3000-0304) that can be purchased separately. Please contact EMSCAN.

  10. I want to do a Pass or Fail test. What feature should I use?  

    Use either Spectral Overlay or Spectral Comparison feature. You can also use the Threshold (Red/ Green) display with Auto-scale off and set to the reference PCB emissions to see if a PCB under test is better or worse than the reference PCB.

    To change the display color to Threshold (Red/Green), click Preferences icon ehx-icon Display Options tab (please refer to page 32 of the EHX User Manual).


  11. How long does a typical Spectral Scan take?  

    EMxpert EHX+: 5 seconds for L 10 cm x W 10 cm (L 4” x W 4”) PCB with a 100 MHz span and 120 KHz RBW. Scanning area, span and RBW are user selectable within spectrum analyzer specifications

    EMxpert ERX+: Same as EMxpert EHX+

  12. How long does a typical Spatial Scan take?  

    EMxpert EHX+: Continuous real-time or 20 second spatial scan over the entire scanner (1,218 probes activated)

    EMxpert ERX+: It depends on the scan area and resolution level selected.


  13. I am designing multiple layer boards. How can EMxpert help to diagnose EM problems?  

    Currently, there are no measurement techniques on the market that can exactly see what is going on inside a multi-layer board. A chamber for example, will only deal with far-field and will not differentiate between what is coming from the edge, the most external layer, the internal layers, and the interaction between the layers. It is the most blind of all EMI test solutions to help design a better PCB with EMI reduction at the source. Automated single probe, handheld probe, and EMxpert can differentiate at least between the emission from the edge (where emissions from the internal layers will most likely escape and emit) and from the surface of the external PCB layers.

    If one uses a pre-amplifier, the scanner or probe could pick weaker signals from the internal layers leaking through the external layers. A comparison of the spectral and spatial analysis with or without amplification could then help point the source (frequency may help specify a component, and the location will do as well). Using the Gerber of the inner layers as overlay could help confirm the weaker emissions comes from a known PCB feature. The EMxpert and automated single probe could handle that; the handheld probe will not work.

    Clearly, the EMxpert and the automated single probe are the only adequate tools for multi-layer PCB EMI measurements. However, the fact that the EMxpert is much faster and can track intermittent events through peak hold with continuous scanning, makes it the best solution overall.

Part NumberDescription
3000-0304DVT far-field application 
3000-1811Additional one year customer care package 
3000-1910Calibration 3 year 
3000-1911Calibration 5 year 
3000-0900On-site training 
3000-0902Trainer’s travel, accommodations 
3000-0901Trainer’s travel, accommodations outside USA & Canada 
3000-0903Training @ EMSCAN HQ 
3000-0818Hard transit case 
3000-0216LNA for EMxpert