S400 - Keithley Parametric Testers

S400 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

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Product Description

Keithley S400 Parametric Test System

Base System:
  • S425 and S450: 8 to 96 pins (installed in groups of 8).
  • S475: 12 to 48 pins (installed in groups of 12).
  • All pins Kelvin and guarded to probe needles.
  • 2 to 8 VIMS.
  • System Reference Unit (for calibration)
  • High Speed 1MHz or 100kHz Capacitance Meter
  • Picoammeter
  • Microvoltmeter
  • Multifrequency Capacitance Meter
  • Pulse Generator (up to two, each single or dual channel)
  • Frequency Counter
  • High Current Pulsed Voltage Source (MIVS)
  • High Current SMU
  • High Voltage SMU and Matrix
SYSTEM CONTROLLER: SUN UltraSPARC workstation with Solaris Operating
System, Ethernet port, 19˝ monitor and optional tape drive.
PROBER SUPPORT: All major semiconductor wafer probers are supported, including
the EG1034X, EG4060/4080/4090, EG2001/2010/3010/4085, R&K 680, KLA
1007, TEL 19S/20S, TEL P-8, TSK 6000, TSK APM-90A, TSK UF190/200. To check if
your particular prober is supported, contact your local sales representative.

PROBE CARDS: The optional Model 9139A-PCA provides a turn-key probe card
interface that utilizes a ceramic blade card for guaranteed system performance.