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J0SSAP60 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

High end frequency limit
67 GHz

Resolution Bandwidth Max.
10 MHz

Resolution Bandwidth Min.

Amplitude Range

Extra Specifications
v-Band. New, Manufacturer's warranty

Product Description

SAF Tehnika J0SSAP60

BRL Test is your authorized SAF Tehnika Distributor 

The world’s first handheld microwave spectrum analyzers dedicated to V-band and E-band frequencies, covering 56 – 67 GHz and 70 - 87 GHz
V-band and E-band Spectrum Compact units are an ultra-light and easy to use measurement solution for the 56 – 67 GHz and 70 - 87 GHz microwave frequency bands. These battery powered devices do not require external down-converters, and are a must-have tool for any field engineer performing V-band or E-band equipment installation, link troubleshooting, site planning and maintenance. The analyzers utilize a resistive touch screen for ease of use in the field, allowing the engineer to wear gloves when using the device. Furthermore, the high sensitivity and low noise floor make it possible to detect even exceptionally weak signals. Spectrum Compact can also be used for high precision detection of existing interference on installed paths or available radio channels. Data logging of all spectrum scans is available on every Spectrum Compact device, and enhanced data processing and analysis is provided by SAF Tehnika designed free PC software. Stand-alone functionality
No laptop or other equipment is required for on-site use.  Free PC softwareUpload, save, compare, analyze and print your saved spectrum scans using free PC software.

Frequency range 56.000 GHz – 67.000 GHz
Input power range -90 dBm to -40 dBm
Max. input power 0 dBm 
RBW (Resolution bandwidth) 10 MHz
VBW (Video bandwidth) 300 kHz
Min. Span 1 GHz  
Max. Span full bandwidth 
Sweep speed 0.5s @ 1 GHz Span   
Accuracy +/- 1dB*  
Input WR 15
Battery 2 x 2380 mAh, Polymer Lithium-ion 
Operating temperature -15°C to +55°C/5°F to 131°F 
International Protection Marking IP54  
Dimensions 147x83x34 mm/5.79x3.27x1.34 in 
Weight 0.57 kg / 20.11 oz 

J0GSAP6001 Spectrum Compact kit V-band includes part numbers: J0SSAP60, J0S60ASA01, J0AB4618i1, J0ACUA35, J0APAC21, J0ACUB02, J0SPAC07 Kit consists of: V-band SC; V-band antenna; Universal power supply; Micro USB to 3.5mm cable for audio; Micro USB cable for data; Water and shockproof case; Lanyard.    List Price $24,000 USD