HM1500 - Hameg Instruments Analog Oscilloscopes

HM1500 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications



Extra Specifications
Analog oscilloscope

Product Description

  • Two Channels with deflection coefficients of 1mV – 20 V/cm
  • Low noise measuring amplifiers with high pulse fidelity
  • Two Time Bases: 0.5 s – 5 ns/cm and 20 ms – 5 ns/cm
  • Videotrigger: Odd and even frames, line selection (525/60 and 625/50 standard)
  • 200 MHz 6-Digit Frequency Counter, Cursor and automatic measurement
  • 14 kV high writing speed CRT, Readout, Autoset, Delay Line, no fan
  • Save/Recall Memories for instrument settings
  • Help function, multilingual menu