LS8106 - Leader Analog Oscilloscopes

LS8106 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications



Extra Specifications
Analog 3-Channel Oscilloscope

Product Description

Top of the line Leader LS8106 offers speed and operating shortcuts found in very fewmodern scopes. Examples include Auto Setup in which a single touch automatically sets both V sensitivity and timebase for instant, optimum waveform display. Another great convenience is a continuous on-screen readout of the operator’s choice of frequency or period and V p-p or DC level for signals handled in CH1. Solid state switching in the vertical attenuators also eliminates
switching noise and ensures long-term reliability.

  • One-Touch Auto Setup Sets V Sensitivity and Time Base
  • Continuous On-Screen Readout of Frequency and Vp-p or DC Level for CH1
  • On-Screen Readout of H&V Scale Factors, Coupling, Uncal, INVert, ADD, MAG, X-Y and Delay Line
  • Cursor Measurements of (DV, DT, DV%,DT%, 1/DT )
  • Frequency and Phase 100-MHz Bandwidth
  • Calibrated Delayed Sweep
  • Alternate Sweep - Shows Main and Delayed Waveforms Simultaneously
  • 3-Channel, 8-Trace Operation CH1, CH2, CH3,
  • CH1 + CH2 Main and Delayed
  • 400 V (dc ± ac peak) Input Withstand (CH1 and CH2)
  • FIXed Trigger Mode Ensures Stable Triggering Despite Wide Amplitude Swings
  • Dedicated TV-V and TV-H Sync Separators for Rock
  • Solid Video Waveforms
  • Variable Holdoff for Correct Display of Complex Wavetrains
  • Single Sweep Operation
  • X-Y Operation
  • 2% V Accuracy
  • 1 mV/div Sensitivity with 20-MHz Band Limit
  • 5 ns/div Sweep Speed with X10 Mag
  • Signal Delay (All Channels) Ensures View of Trigger Edges
  • CH1 Output Makes CH1 Amplifier Available as a High Gain Calibrated Preamp
  • Z-Axis (Intensity Modulation)