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LS8106A Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications



Extra Specifications
100 MHz Analog Oscilloscope

Product Description

Top of the line Leader LS 8106A offers speed and operating shortcuts found in very few modern scopes. Examples include Auto Setup in which a single touch automatically sets both V sensitivity and timebase for instant, optimum waveform display. Another great convenience is a continuous on-screen readout of the operator choice of frequency or period and Vp-p or DC level for signals handled in CH1.

  • One-Touch Auto Setup Sets V Sensitivity and Time Base
  • Continuous On-Screen Readout of Frequency and Vp-p or DC Level for CH1
  • On-Screen Readout of H&V Scale Factors, Coupling, Uncal, INVert, ADD, MAG, X-
  • Y and Delay Line
  • Cursor Measurements of (DV, DT, DV%,DT%, 1/DT )
  • Frequency and Phase 100-MHz Bandwidth
  • Calibrated Delayed Sweep
  • Alternate Sweep - Shows Main and Delayed Waveforms Simultaneously
  • 3-Channel, 8-Trace Operation CH1, CH2, CH3,
  • CH1 + CH2 Main and Delayed
  • 400 V (dc ?} ac peak) Input Withstand (CH1 and CH2)
  • FIXed Trigger Mode Ensures Stable Triggering Despite Wide Amplitude Swings
  • Dedicated TV-V and TV-H Sync Separators for Rock
  • Solid Video Waveforms
  • Variable Holdoff for Correct Display of Complex Wavetrains
  • Single Sweep Operation
  • X-Y Operation
  • 2% V Accuracy
  • 1 mV/div Sensitivity with 20-MHz Band Limit
  • 5 ns/div Sweep Speed with X10 Mag
  • Signal Delay (All Channels) Ensures View of Trigger Edges
  • CH1 Output Makes CH1 Amplifier Available as a High Gain Calibrated Preamp
  • Z-Axis (Intensity Modulation)